Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ironic that the last blog is about cakes, isn't it? When, just two days ago, I gave up everything to do with them.

Usually I don’t go near tying myself to such a binding promise for 40 whole days and 40 whole nights, but this year I have. And the pain has begun.

No cakes. No flapjacks. No biscuits. Nothing that looks like something that you might eat when you aren’t hungry, but do because it just looks SO GOOD.

So this week, I thought I’d help myself out. My rumbling pudding stomach, for the fourth time today, made me think...What alternatives are there to cake that can still satisfy my greed?

I've searched high and low and found a recipe that I could make at home, and eat out.

Yogurt covered nuts and raisins.

YUM! The perfect little morsels to take to the library, discretely nibble, and ease the void...

This recipe is slightly long-winded - a massive 2 day affair. So, I'm going to split the blog in two.

Today I am making the

Yogurt Cream Cheese

500g natural yogurt

1 muslin cloth

1 piece strong string (to reach the cabinet from the kitchen side)

1 bowl

Pour the yogurt into the muslin cloth/cheesecloth and tie at top with string. Hang the string from a cabinet over a bowl.

Now sleep on it.

Let the yogurt drain overnight so that all of the liquid has dripped into the bowl. Whey!!

12 hours later.

After drainage, hold the cheesecloth and very gently squeeze any remaining moisture out of the cheese. Empty the whey from the bowl and let stand another 8 hours. Place the cheese in a clean container. The Yogurt Cream Cheese is now ready to use.

See you tomorrow for some damn good yogurt dipping!

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