Friday, August 14, 2009


Just a quick one...

A very good cuppa was kindly handed to me today - thank you - and I was asked how I took my tea. I replied, 'Oh, just a dash of milk, please'. It was only when I was, in return, asked a simple question that tea drinking became more of a thinker than it ever had been before...

When does a
dash become a splash??

For me, this comes into that agonising category of 'Is the glass half full, or half empty?'. I usually reply, idiotically, 'well, it all depends if the contents of the glass are above or below the half way line'. This is no way to respond...
But what about this one?
In my humble opinion, I'd say a dash was less than a splash. A dash shouldn't splash, otherwise it's too much and it becomes...a splash?
To satisfy my insanity, I typed in 'dash of milk' into Google images and this is one of the pictures it gave me. Either they are confused or I am about to go mad.

Perhaps, I need to stop drinking as much tea, start thinking less about dashes and splashes, and get on with real life...
More intelligent suggestions start here please:


  1. Well It just so happens that I am a waitress at the Best Tearoom in Britain (2007, but eternity in my mind).
    It also just so happens that I have no idea. But the word 'dash' makes you visialise this '-'wheras splash is more circular right? And the 'l' makes it sound heftier. Like 'must dash', insinuating you must depart shortly. Whereas 'must splash' would...
    Oh, you specified more intelligent suggestions.
    My apologies!