Sunday, March 6, 2011


Thursday night's supper was Mattie's foraged risotto with fennel, wild Alexanders and the first of the wild garlic from the Heath, served with fennel seed sausages. Dribble and drool from a true hedgerow-er.
So, you can imagine how excited I was stumbling upon a wood of young wild garlic leaves on my evening walk today. I took a few stems - no flowers yet - put one in my mouth BOOOOM and saved the rest for the kitchen. One small bite makes for a fierce after-burner on the taste buds. You don't need much.
Home and desperate to use the leaves before they wilted, I chopped the leaves with parsley into a pan of melted butter and let it infuse to be poured over lightly blanched purple-sprouting broccoli...



200g farmhouse butter
handful of fresh parsely, chopped
10-15 leaves of wild garlic, chopped

Melt butter, and chop in the herbs. Rest off the heat for two minutes to infuse. Use wet or...

Cool the leftover wild garlic butter in a glass lined with baking parchment. Pop it in the fridge. When the butter has solidified you can slice it into mashed potato, make a parsley sauce to pour over hot ham or spread it over a warm sourdough...

Freeze it, still in the parchment, for melting at a later date.
Sad to freeze it away? Take a whiff of my coat pockets and you'll be carrying eau-de-garlique on the end of your nose for hours...


  1. this looks so divine... I had wild garlic tempura the other evening and it was the most amazing thing i'd eaten in a long while... the wild garlic still has a week or two to go up here but I am so making your dish once it comes... x

  2. This recipe uses the first sprouting of garlic leaves, and without the unmissable scent that the plant gives off when it has flowers, it was literally a stumble-upon. Mattie was using the last of the wild garlic in May last year so we have a while yet! Totally obsessed with fresh garlic too, for a milder flavour. x