Sunday, January 30, 2011

I ♥ La Fromagerie.

Walk through shelves piled high with jars of preserves, freshly baked cakes and large and bountiful vegetables. Tucked away around the corner, past the table of chocolate, the fridge of homemade yogurt, and through the sliding glass door, towers cheese from Totnes to Toulouse . Taste, smell and sale. The cold can be stood for a small while, but the men in white coats bear it well. Out of the sliding doors, one last peek, and back past the chocolates to the long wooden tables amongst pigeon holes with wine.

Rumble. Time for breakfast. True delight.

Jumbo Porridge with Wild Winter Berry Compote


"Bacon" Sandwich with Pancetta and Homemade Ketchup.

Not forgetting the freshly churned farm butter.

Nothing better.


  1. La Fromagerie on Moxon Street? Its one of my favourites too. I love the Ginger Pig a few doors down. Xx

  2. Rosie - la from is opposite where the Marylebone market is on a Sunday! Freddie X

  3. Amazing! Maybe we could all frequent it this Sunday morn? Oysters ahoy! x

  4. LOVE La Fromagerie - if only it was nearer my house and half as expensive.Lovely pics too - could do serious damage to that bacon sarnie x

  5. And the damage was certainly done.x